Winter Palace

winter palace
 The winter palace where locate in Saint Petersburg was residence of Russian leaders until 1917. Its construction started in 1697 by Peter the Great. Its construction continued until 1837. There are 1786 doors, 1945 windows, 117 starways, 1500 rooms in the palace. The palace was damaged and rebuilt.

 The palace is included the Hemitage Museum where is the biggest museum on the world. 1.5 million historical artifacts are on display in the museum.

 When the demonstrators marched to Winter Palace in 1905, the Bloody Sunday happaned. 100.000 demonstrators gathered. Demonstrators were protesting minimum wages innocently but soldiers of Tsar opened fire on the demonstrators and 1000 demonstrators dead.

 Grand Duchess Elizabeth who daughter of Peter the great wanted to enlarge the palace. 2,500,000 rubles was spent for enlarging of palace.

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