Red Square

Red Square Red Square where is in Russia is under the protection of Unesco. It occupies 70 km square. Military celebrates was held in the square because it was very important. There was a big celebrate in there when the Russian defeated the Germans.

 Lenin's Mausoleum is in there. The tourist can see it if they go there. Merchants wanted that the square is paved with stone. So it paved with stone. The square was re-built after occupy of France and a fire. New buildings were eleted in 1888. A tram way was paved in 1909.

There is a church around the square. The church has the biggest bell in the world so is very famous. The square's street is very big. As well as military aircrafts can land there.

 There is a cathedral around square. It was built in 1561 by Ivan 4th. The architecth who built the cathedral blinded because Ivan 4th didn't want what the Architecth built a building as the cathedral. The cathedral is now a museum. There are shops around the square. They sell toys, tues and sometings is sold in the shops. Clothes are on display on shop's showcase.

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