Dolmabahce Palace

Dolmabahce Palace
The Dolmabahce Palace where now is a museum in Istanbul was built on 250.000 square meters by Sultan Abdulmecid in 1856. The palace's land was a seaport. Military ceremonies was held in there. The palace was opened to tourism in 1930 and became museum in 1984.

There are 285 rooms and vases, carpets, historical artifacts, watches, tables in the palace. Gifts that state leaders gave to Sultan Abdulmecid are on display in there. 660 thousands tourist visited Dolmabahce Palace in 2014. The palace is very famous. Pleasure fee of the palace is 6 dollars. You can visit all of the palace with a ticket.

 Annual expenses of palace was 2 million pounds. It was very bad for ottoman empire economy. Already the economy was too bad and Ottoman people was hungry when the palace was built.
 4.5 tons chandelier of the palace is very interesting. The candelier was built in British. It is the most biggest chandelier of the palace. The chandelier has 750 lamb.

The two-storey palace has a great garden. European and Asian flowers was planted on the garden. There is a huge pool on mitst of garden.

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