Galata Tower

Galata Tower
Galata Tower where locate on north of Golden Horse was built by Genoeses in 1384. The tower was damaged during the Fourth Crusade. Golden Horn, Bosphorus can be watched on the tower. Hazerfen Ahmet Celebi jumped from the tower and flew 3.5 km. Hazerfen Ahmet Celebi is first flying person in the world.

 It was restored in 1967 and first panaroma from top of the tower was drew by Pierre Prevost in 1818 and the panaroma was on display in Paris in 1825.

 It was used as a fire lookout tower in 1717 but this idea was abondaned when the tower burned in 1714 and 1831. A storm destroyed the conical roof of the tower in 1875.

It was opened the public in 1960s and admission fee of the tower now is 6 dollars. There is a cafe on the tower. Tea or coffee can be bought in there. The tourists can buy those.

Height of the tower is 66 metres. There are ladders to go up. The ladder has 168 steps. It is too much but there isn't lift in the tower. You must walk if you want to go to top.

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