Sumela Monastery

MonasteryThe monastery where locate in Trabzon is an ancient Greek monastery. It was built between AD 365 - 395 by Alexios III of Trebizond. According to legend two priests built it.

 Sumela Monastery is a symbol of Trabzon's culture. There is Mary's (mother of Jesus) picture that drawn by saint Luke. The picure was fetched to monastery by priests who came to Trabzon. When Mehmet the Conqueror conquested Trabzon, he published an edict about the monastery. He said that the soldiers won't attack the monastery.

During the world war 1, Greek rebels used the monastery as headquarters but it lost its importance because the christians leave the area and it abanoned until Turkey government repaired. It was repaired. Tourists can come to Turkey to see the monastery. A ritual was held here in 2010.

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