Yildiz Palace

Yildiz Palace
The palace where is in Istanbul was completed in 1880 and is now a museum. It was used as a house after Dolmabahce Palace by Sultan Abdulhamid II. The government was managed from Yildiz Palace. There were offices of government officials in here. Abdulhamid II suspected that will be killed so came to Yildiz Palace. Meaning of Yildiz Palace is star palace.

There is a mosque around palace. Its name is Yildiz Hamidiye Mosque. When the Sultan left from mosque, somepeople attacked him but they was caught. There are State Apartments, the Malta Pavilion, the Yildiz Theater, Porcelain Factory, Sale Pavilion and a Opera House around the Palace. Palace's garden are very famous amoung the people who live in Istanbul.

There were officer's offices in the states apartments. They were working for Abdulhamid II. Yildiz Theater, the Opera House and Yildiz Museum were built by Abdulhamid II in 1889. Historical artifacts and arts are now on display in Yildiz Museum.

The Sale Kiosk was built in 1870. Abdulhamid made Sale Kiosk's furnitures because Abdulhamid was a skilled carpenter. There is a Porclain Factory around the palace. The Porcelain Factory opened in 1895 and was built to adapt western culture. The Factory was as an Europa medieval castle.

The Malta Kiosk where is located in Yildiz Park was built in 1871. It built to decorated the garden and was dyed red.

When the Ottoman ended the palace was used as a casino but this idea was very bad because turks don't like casino. After this idea was abandoned.

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