Winter Palace

winter palace
 The winter palace where locate in Saint Petersburg was residence of Russian leaders until 1917. Its construction started in 1697 by Peter the Great. Its construction continued until 1837. There are 1786 doors, 1945 windows, 117 starways, 1500 rooms in the palace. The palace was damaged and rebuilt.

 The palace is included the Hemitage Museum where is the biggest museum on the world. 1.5 million historical artifacts are on display in the museum.

 When the demonstrators marched to Winter Palace in 1905, the Bloody Sunday happaned. 100.000 demonstrators gathered. Demonstrators were protesting minimum wages innocently but soldiers of Tsar opened fire on the demonstrators and 1000 demonstrators dead.

 Grand Duchess Elizabeth who daughter of Peter the great wanted to enlarge the palace. 2,500,000 rubles was spent for enlarging of palace.

Quba Mosque

 Quba Mosque where locate in Madina is a masjid. It is first masjid of Islam. When Muhammad who prophet of islam and his friends were coming to Medina, they stopped over in Kuba. Firtly Muhammad started to build it after his friend helped him.

 Umar II added a minaret and enlarged the masjid. Suleiman the Magnificent destroyed the masjid and rebuilt. It became better than its old version.

Al-Masjid an-Nabawi

Al-Masjid an-Nabawi
 Al-Masjid an-Nabawi where was build by Muhammad who prophet of Islam and his friends is a masjid in Madina. It is the most holy masjid after Masjid al-Haram according muslims. Meaning of name of the masjid is prophet masjid. A portion of the house divided for the poor people and people who want to study were studying there.

 A fire broke out there in 654. The masjid was damaged but it was rebuilt in periods of ottoman, umayyed and other countries. Muhammad's grave and graves of caliphs of Islam Abu Bakr and Umar locate around the masjid.

 When the Muhammad came to Madina he hadn't got a house in Madina. A lot of people want to entertained him but they could not agree. As well as they started to fight but Muhammad said "i will stay where my camel squat. The camel squated in a plain. the nearest house to plain was
Abu Ayyub al-Ansari's house so Muhammad stayed at his house and the masjid built on the plain. The muhammad lived there.

 After the muslims increased another door was added for women.

Milan Cathedral

Milan Cathedral The cathedral where locate in Milan was built according to Italian style. Its construction was started in 1386 and was complated in 1965. The construction took 579 years. Capacity of the cathedral is 60000 people. It is one of the largest cathedral in the world and the largest in Italy. It is a catholic cathedral. There is a basilica around the cathedral. A fire broke out there. The Cathedral and the basilica damaged during the fire.

 Construction of the cathedral was began in 1386 by Archbishop Antonio. A that time Gian Galeazzo Visconti who cousin of the atchbishop became king. During the periods the cathedral's construction accelerated. As well as when Napoleon help the construction to became Italian King.

Myrtos Beach

Myrtos Beach
 Myrtos Beach where locate in Greece is near the lonian sea. The beach was used for films so it is very famous and it is one of the best beaches of Greece. It has a award because of its cleannes and beauty. Myrtos Beach is a good choice for holidays because Holidays in Greek are now cheap because of economic crisis.

 There are lush green areas around Myrtos Beach. It is a good places for photographer and good sea for diver and biker. Many people do these. Tourist can benefit from services that provided by hotels. There are buses to transport the tourist around the beach.

Sumela Monastery

MonasteryThe monastery where locate in Trabzon is an ancient Greek monastery. It was built between AD 365 - 395 by Alexios III of Trebizond. According to legend two priests built it.

 Sumela Monastery is a symbol of Trabzon's culture. There is Mary's (mother of Jesus) picture that drawn by saint Luke. The picure was fetched to monastery by priests who came to Trabzon. When Mehmet the Conqueror conquested Trabzon, he published an edict about the monastery. He said that the soldiers won't attack the monastery.

During the world war 1, Greek rebels used the monastery as headquarters but it lost its importance because the christians leave the area and it abanoned until Turkey government repaired. It was repaired. Tourists can come to Turkey to see the monastery. A ritual was held here in 2010.


ParthenonConstruction of the Parthenon began in BC 447 and was complated in BC 438. It is a symbol of Greek culture and is regarded as the most important building of Greece. The building was built after the destroying of the Temple of Athena.Marbles of Parthenon is so interesting and known as the Elgin Marbles.

The Parthenon was converted to a church and was used as a mosque after conquest of Athens by Ottoman Empire. It was used as arsenal in 1687 and bombed by Venice. It get damage. During the Greek Revolt it was used for defence.


House of God
Kaaba where is in Mecca is sacred site of Islam. The Muslims go there to pilgrimage every year. Every Muslim has to go there once in their lifetime. Pilgrimage is one of five pillars of Islam. Kaaba known as House of Allah or House of God. There is number limit to go there. Only 2.7 million people can go there for a year. The muslims in the world have to turn Kaaba if they want to pray. The world's golden ratio shows Kaaba. Muslims claim that the God wrote the golden ratio in Quran.

 Kaaba's shape is square. Muslims believe that Kaaba where is holy site of Islam was built by Abraham who is a prophet and Ishmael who is a prophet and is Abraham's son. Muslims believe that there are green stones under of Kaabe and the angles placed them And there is a stone on Kaaba. Muslims belived that the stone comes from heaven and the stone was white but it became black because of people's sins.

Mount Kinabalu

 First ascent to the mount where is in Malaysia was made by Hugh Low in 1851. Its hight is 4095 metres and is protected by Unesco. There are 5000 species of plants and 326 species of birds and 100 mammalian species. To climb the mountain is so hard because mountain is very steep.

 Kinabali Nation Park was built in 1964. There are two areas to start climbing to mountain. Timpohon Gate and Mesilau Nature Resort. The people who want to climb the mountain can use these areas. Mesilau Nature Resort is higher than Timpohon Gate and is more comfortable.
An earthquake happened on the mountain in 5 June 2015.


Reichstag where in Berlin was Germany government building until Hitler's management. It was burned in 1933. It was claimed that Hitler wanted to burn the building but this isn't proven. Hitlers power was increasing after the fire.

Reichstag's construction started in 1884 and finished in 1894. A contest was held to design   the building and Paul Wallot won the consest so he designed that.

It looked bad but was decorated after world war 2. Historicans still don't know how did the fire take place. It was reopened as parliament building in 1999.

Reichstag has a dome. Almost all of Berlin can be watched from here. The dome couldn't become as its old form after the fire. Lots of tourist come to Berlin to see dome of Reichstag


Colosseum where in Italy was built in AC 80 by Vespasianus who is a general of Rome army. Its concrution was started in AC 72. It was built fast. Its stones were stolen but it didn't destroy.

Colosseum's picture is published on back of Italian euro. There was fights on Colosseum where is a symbol of Italy. The Rome kings love this. Actually publis love that but they were feared.

Torchlight procession is held before each easter by pope. It's important for Roman Catholic Church. As well as Colosseum's picture was published on back of Italian euro.
Millions of tourists come to Italy to see Colosseum. It is very famous.

Red Square

Red Square Red Square where is in Russia is under the protection of Unesco. It occupies 70 km square. Military celebrates was held in the square because it was very important. There was a big celebrate in there when the Russian defeated the Germans.

 Lenin's Mausoleum is in there. The tourist can see it if they go there. Merchants wanted that the square is paved with stone. So it paved with stone. The square was re-built after occupy of France and a fire. New buildings were eleted in 1888. A tram way was paved in 1909.

There is a church around the square. The church has the biggest bell in the world so is very famous. The square's street is very big. As well as military aircrafts can land there.

 There is a cathedral around square. It was built in 1561 by Ivan 4th. The architecth who built the cathedral blinded because Ivan 4th didn't want what the Architecth built a building as the cathedral. The cathedral is now a museum. There are shops around the square. They sell toys, tues and sometings is sold in the shops. Clothes are on display on shop's showcase.

Machu Picchu

machu picchu
Machu Picchu is an old city in Peru. It was voted one of the new 7 wonders of the world and is protected by Unesco. 2000 people visit Machu Picchu for per day. It was built on top of And Mountains by Pachacutec Yupanqui who king of Inca in 1450. It was built of stone.

When the Spanish occupied around the city in 1532, they didn't see that so they couldn't damage the city. Machu Picchu's 3000 steps still solid. Machu Picchu was discovered by Hiram Bingham in 1912. There is a story of discovery of Machu Picchu.

One day a Native of Inca wanted to show to ruins to Hiram Bingham but the native wanted 50 cents. Hiram accepted this and he discovered the city.

Bodrum Castle

Bodrum Castle
 Construction of the Bodrum Castle was began in 1402 and was completed in 1522 by Saint John Knights. Its construction took long time. It is in Turkey. It was used as a jail in 19th century. There are 5 towers of Bodrum Castle.

 Pope published a circular letter about the castle. Pope claims that who works on construction of the castle they will go to heaven so lots of people wanted to work on construction of castle.

 There are knights' riggings on the Bodrum Castle's walls. There are lions', drogons' and crosses' figures on the riggings. They were very old. There was 12 marble track that was taken from mouseleum by knights into the castle but English archeologs sent them to England.

Temple of Artemis

Temple of Artemis
 Temple of Arthemis in Turkey was built by king of Lydia for Artemis who is the brother of Apollon in BC 550 and is one of the wonders of the world. On the construction of the temple was only used marble. Most of the temple was destroyed.

 A man whose name is Herostratus burned the temple because he wanted to be famous in the world. Alexander the Great born on day that the temple was on fire so he loves the temple. He wanted to restore the temple. But he couldn't make this because he died.

 The temple burned in 262 and most of the temple was burned. It didn't repair. The Archaeologists took statues of the temple. They are in British.

Chora Museum

Chora Museum
 The Chora Museum was built in Byzantine time and was a church before fall of Constantinople. After fall of Constantinople the church was converted to a mosque. It became a museum in 1948.

 It is one of the latest examples of Byzantine art. There are interesting paintings on mosaics of Chora. Glasses of Hellenistic period was used on production of Chora so it has a different art style.

Actually the museum wasn't a museum but the mosaics was appeared and the Chora became a museum. The Chora became famous when the mosaics appeared. 300.000 visitors visited the Chora in 2014.

Duden Waterfalls

Duden Waterfalls
Duden Waterfalls are around Antalya. While Alexander the Great was attacking to Pamphylia his horses drank water from the waterfalls.

There are cames to ride input of Duden Waterfalls. There are lots of tourists in there and it is very famous. As well as there is a small zoo around waterfalls. The tourists can visit the zoo and can take photos.

There are restaurants, parks and an amusement center. Water of duden waterfalls is poured to 50 km away. It endangered because of global warning. It may dry out on future.

Mount Nemrut

Mount Nemrut
 Mount Nemrut is a mountain in Turkey and is protected by Unesco. The height of the mountain is 2150 metres. There are seven giant statues of Greek and Persian gods and eagle head statue on the mountain.

 The giant statues was built by king of Kingdom of Commagene Antiochos. Giant statues's heights are between 4-7 metres. Many tourist come to mountain to watch sunset every year. To watch sunset on mountain is very wonderful.

 Otto Punchtein and his team came to solve text on statue and they solved those. There are Laws of country and name of leader.

Grand Bazaar

Grand Bazaar
There are 4000 shops in the bazaar and 25000 people work in the shops. Each year 91 million visitors visit the bazaar. Between 250.000 and 600.000 visitors visit the bazaar each day. Grand Bazaar is the most visited place and is the biggest bazaar in the world.

The bazaar was built in Ottoman time by Mehmet the Conquerer and was grown by Suleiman the Magnificent. Grand bazaar occupies 30 km square.

The shops sell golds, carpets, spices, souvenirs and a lot of products. The tourists come to the Grand Bazaar to buy gold because the golds that sell in bazaar are very famous.

There were lodges of each job in bazaar. The lodges supervise the prices of productions. They close the shops if prices very high.

There were hammams, inns, mosques and fountains in bazaar. Ottoman empire gave impotance to human so they built these. You can see ottoman art style on the buildings. The buildings was built in 15th century. They didn't destroy because they are very robust.

Pamukkale Travertines

Pamukkale Travertines
Pamukkale Travertines are in Turkey. It is protected by Unesco and recognized in the world. Its travertines is very famous. Many people come to Denizli to see those. There are Hierapois ancient city and Laodicea ancient city around Pamukkale Travertines. Hierapois was a city and was built in 197 and Laodicea was built 2100 years ago.

Travertines improve some diseases. People come to travertines that useful for eyes, heart, rheumatism and skin to heal. Many people healed in there.

Basilica Cistern

Basilica Cistern
Basilica Cistern was built in 6.century in Byzantine time and is the largest closed cistern in Istanbul. It located 150 m and is in north of Hagia Sophia. 7000 slaves worked to build it. It is now museum.

The Cistern was used for a James Bond film. The films name is From Russia with Love. You can explore the Cistern in Assassin Creed: Revolution. There is a mission about that in the game. A lot of movies were shot in the Cistern.

The capacity of the Cistern is 100.000 tons of water. There is a Medusa Statue in the cistern and the statue is very old. The cistern was restored 1500 years ago. Statesmen visit the cistern because the cistern is very famous.

Admission fee of the Cistern is 4 dollars. 2 million tourist visited the Cistern in 2013. This number increases every year.

Galata Tower

Galata Tower
Galata Tower where locate on north of Golden Horse was built by Genoeses in 1384. The tower was damaged during the Fourth Crusade. Golden Horn, Bosphorus can be watched on the tower. Hazerfen Ahmet Celebi jumped from the tower and flew 3.5 km. Hazerfen Ahmet Celebi is first flying person in the world.

 It was restored in 1967 and first panaroma from top of the tower was drew by Pierre Prevost in 1818 and the panaroma was on display in Paris in 1825.

 It was used as a fire lookout tower in 1717 but this idea was abondaned when the tower burned in 1714 and 1831. A storm destroyed the conical roof of the tower in 1875.

It was opened the public in 1960s and admission fee of the tower now is 6 dollars. There is a cafe on the tower. Tea or coffee can be bought in there. The tourists can buy those.

Height of the tower is 66 metres. There are ladders to go up. The ladder has 168 steps. It is too much but there isn't lift in the tower. You must walk if you want to go to top.

Yildiz Palace

Yildiz Palace
The palace where is in Istanbul was completed in 1880 and is now a museum. It was used as a house after Dolmabahce Palace by Sultan Abdulhamid II. The government was managed from Yildiz Palace. There were offices of government officials in here. Abdulhamid II suspected that will be killed so came to Yildiz Palace. Meaning of Yildiz Palace is star palace.

There is a mosque around palace. Its name is Yildiz Hamidiye Mosque. When the Sultan left from mosque, somepeople attacked him but they was caught. There are State Apartments, the Malta Pavilion, the Yildiz Theater, Porcelain Factory, Sale Pavilion and a Opera House around the Palace. Palace's garden are very famous amoung the people who live in Istanbul.

There were officer's offices in the states apartments. They were working for Abdulhamid II. Yildiz Theater, the Opera House and Yildiz Museum were built by Abdulhamid II in 1889. Historical artifacts and arts are now on display in Yildiz Museum.

The Sale Kiosk was built in 1870. Abdulhamid made Sale Kiosk's furnitures because Abdulhamid was a skilled carpenter. There is a Porclain Factory around the palace. The Porcelain Factory opened in 1895 and was built to adapt western culture. The Factory was as an Europa medieval castle.

The Malta Kiosk where is located in Yildiz Park was built in 1871. It built to decorated the garden and was dyed red.

When the Ottoman ended the palace was used as a casino but this idea was very bad because turks don't like casino. After this idea was abandoned.

Dolmabahce Palace

Dolmabahce Palace
The Dolmabahce Palace where now is a museum in Istanbul was built on 250.000 square meters by Sultan Abdulmecid in 1856. The palace's land was a seaport. Military ceremonies was held in there. The palace was opened to tourism in 1930 and became museum in 1984.

There are 285 rooms and vases, carpets, historical artifacts, watches, tables in the palace. Gifts that state leaders gave to Sultan Abdulmecid are on display in there. 660 thousands tourist visited Dolmabahce Palace in 2014. The palace is very famous. Pleasure fee of the palace is 6 dollars. You can visit all of the palace with a ticket.

 Annual expenses of palace was 2 million pounds. It was very bad for ottoman empire economy. Already the economy was too bad and Ottoman people was hungry when the palace was built.
 4.5 tons chandelier of the palace is very interesting. The candelier was built in British. It is the most biggest chandelier of the palace. The chandelier has 750 lamb.

The two-storey palace has a great garden. European and Asian flowers was planted on the garden. There is a huge pool on mitst of garden.

Topkapi Palace

Topkapi Palace
Topkapi that is management center was house of sultans for 300 years in ottoman. Once upon a time 4000 people lived in there. They were ottoman dynasty.

 It was built by Mehmet the Conquerer and was management center until dolmabahçe built. It is now a museum in Istanbul.

There is Sacred Relics Room in Topkapi. Muhammed's who prophet of Islam items, footprint swords, sandals and beard are on display in there. Also his friends' items and Davud's who founder of Jerusalem sword are on display. The tourists can see them but admission fee of the palace is $12.

 There is a door in topkapi palace. Its name is Bab-i Humayun. The door is biggest door of topkapi palace's 8 doors. Other doors was destroyed but this door was repaired and saved. There are a signature of Mehmet the Conquerer and story of construction of the palace on the door.

Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sophia
 Actually the museum was a church. It was converted a catholic church when Catholics occupied Istanbul but the church was convered a mosque when Mehmet the Conquer conquered the Istanbul but the mosque has been a museum since 1935. The turks want to convert museum to a mosque. Somepeople make campaign for this idea.

 Hagia Sophia is as famous as Sultan Ahmet even more known because 3 million tourists came to Istanbul to see Hagia Sophia in 2013. Its name is Ayasofya in Turkish.

 Its construction was begun by Constantine the Great and was completed by Constantius II. 10000 workers worked at Hagia Sophia's construction.
Socrates claim what Hagia Sophia was built on The Temple of Artemis. It was the largest cathedral for thousand years and is the oldest cathedral in the world. It was place of workship for 1500 years and one of the oldest worship places.

Hogia Sophia was destroyed and burned but was reconstructed. Famous architect Mimar Sinan made mosque more resistant when Istanbul was conquested.

Tons of golds was used at construction of Hogia Sophia's mosaics. The mosaics were removed with Leo III's order in 726. Most of remaining mosaics have survived and were opened to visitors recently.

Sultan Ahmed Mosque

Sultan Ahmed Mosque
 I am writing about a mosque in Turkey. The muslims pray there. Its name is Sultan Ahmed Mosque. It was built in 17.century and was decorated with 20000 ceramic qlaze. It is protected by Unesco. Mosque's other name is blue mosque. The mosque took its name from Sultan I. Ahmed because it was built by I. Ahmed.

The mosque has 6 minarets and was designed by famous architect Sedefkar Mehmet Aga. Turists come to Istanbul to see Sultan Ahmed.

 If you want to learn the mosque's history, Turkish people tell you and you will be amazed because you will learn mosque's story.

 "One day Sultan I. Ahmed wanted to build a mosque and wants gold minarets but this was too expensive. The gold's mean is "altın" in Turkish but architect misunderstood. He understood "altı'" and this mean is six. So the mosque has six minarets."

  The mosque has 260 windows. Sunlights enter into the mosque from there. Windowpanes are gift from venedik. But now they was changed with new windowpanes. They aren't old. 86000 people can pray there at the same time. 86000 rosaries were distributed every fridays in ottoman time. It was very important for ottomans.

 The mosque was restored recently. It became better. Some people in mosque didn't use to hear sound of imam but now all people in mosque can hear sound of imam.  Tourists and turks listen athan on the evenings. This makes happy them because sound of imam is so beautiful.

 There's a line in the middle of the mosque. Non-Muslims can't pass the line because only Muslims can pass the line to pray. Tourists can take photograph and watch muslims. Altar of the mosque made from marble. The altar decorated with faiences.

 The faiences are very firm. They didn't still broken because the ottoman architects were very talented. Technology was at the forward. We know that the mosque was built with this technology. I. Sultan Ahmed selected true architect to make mosque. The mosque is one of the best architectural products of ottoman.