ParthenonConstruction of the Parthenon began in BC 447 and was complated in BC 438. It is a symbol of Greek culture and is regarded as the most important building of Greece. The building was built after the destroying of the Temple of Athena.Marbles of Parthenon is so interesting and known as the Elgin Marbles.

The Parthenon was converted to a church and was used as a mosque after conquest of Athens by Ottoman Empire. It was used as arsenal in 1687 and bombed by Venice. It get damage. During the Greek Revolt it was used for defence.


House of God
Kaaba where is in Mecca is sacred site of Islam. The Muslims go there to pilgrimage every year. Every Muslim has to go there once in their lifetime. Pilgrimage is one of five pillars of Islam. Kaaba known as House of Allah or House of God. There is number limit to go there. Only 2.7 million people can go there for a year. The muslims in the world have to turn Kaaba if they want to pray. The world's golden ratio shows Kaaba. Muslims claim that the God wrote the golden ratio in Quran.

 Kaaba's shape is square. Muslims believe that Kaaba where is holy site of Islam was built by Abraham who is a prophet and Ishmael who is a prophet and is Abraham's son. Muslims believe that there are green stones under of Kaabe and the angles placed them And there is a stone on Kaaba. Muslims belived that the stone comes from heaven and the stone was white but it became black because of people's sins.

Mount Kinabalu

 First ascent to the mount where is in Malaysia was made by Hugh Low in 1851. Its hight is 4095 metres and is protected by Unesco. There are 5000 species of plants and 326 species of birds and 100 mammalian species. To climb the mountain is so hard because mountain is very steep.

 Kinabali Nation Park was built in 1964. There are two areas to start climbing to mountain. Timpohon Gate and Mesilau Nature Resort. The people who want to climb the mountain can use these areas. Mesilau Nature Resort is higher than Timpohon Gate and is more comfortable.
An earthquake happened on the mountain in 5 June 2015.


Reichstag where in Berlin was Germany government building until Hitler's management. It was burned in 1933. It was claimed that Hitler wanted to burn the building but this isn't proven. Hitlers power was increasing after the fire.

Reichstag's construction started in 1884 and finished in 1894. A contest was held to design   the building and Paul Wallot won the consest so he designed that.

It looked bad but was decorated after world war 2. Historicans still don't know how did the fire take place. It was reopened as parliament building in 1999.

Reichstag has a dome. Almost all of Berlin can be watched from here. The dome couldn't become as its old form after the fire. Lots of tourist come to Berlin to see dome of Reichstag