Zugspitze Mountain

Zugspitze Mountain is the highest mountain of Germany. The mountain hosts many caves and plateaus. The Mountain's length is 2962 metres. It attracts many tourist every year. Actually Austrian people visit the mountain because there can be recahed by using cable car from Germany and Austria.
 The mountain is located on Bavaria of Germany. There is a cross on the summit of the mountain. The cross was erected by Nazi soldiers. The cross is still there.

Winter Palace

winter palace
 The winter palace where locate in Saint Petersburg was residence of Russian leaders until 1917. Its construction started in 1697 by Peter the Great. Its construction continued until 1837. There are 1786 doors, 1945 windows, 117 starways, 1500 rooms in the palace. The palace was damaged and rebuilt.

 The palace is included the Hemitage Museum where is the biggest museum on the world. 1.5 million historical artifacts are on display in the museum.

 When the demonstrators marched to Winter Palace in 1905, the Bloody Sunday happaned. 100.000 demonstrators gathered. Demonstrators were protesting minimum wages innocently but soldiers of Tsar opened fire on the demonstrators and 1000 demonstrators dead.

 Grand Duchess Elizabeth who daughter of Peter the great wanted to enlarge the palace. 2,500,000 rubles was spent for enlarging of palace.

Quba Mosque

 Quba Mosque where locate in Madina is a masjid. It is first masjid of Islam. When Muhammad who prophet of islam and his friends were coming to Medina, they stopped over in Kuba. Firtly Muhammad started to build it after his friend helped him.

 Umar II added a minaret and enlarged the masjid. Suleiman the Magnificent destroyed the masjid and rebuilt. It became better than its old version.

Al-Masjid an-Nabawi

Al-Masjid an-Nabawi
 Al-Masjid an-Nabawi where was build by Muhammad who prophet of Islam and his friends is a masjid in Madina. It is the most holy masjid after Masjid al-Haram according muslims. Meaning of name of the masjid is prophet masjid. A portion of the house divided for the poor people and people who want to study were studying there.

 A fire broke out there in 654. The masjid was damaged but it was rebuilt in periods of ottoman, umayyed and other countries. Muhammad's grave and graves of caliphs of Islam Abu Bakr and Umar locate around the masjid.

 When the Muhammad came to Madina he hadn't got a house in Madina. A lot of people want to entertained him but they could not agree. As well as they started to fight but Muhammad said "i will stay where my camel squat. The camel squated in a plain. the nearest house to plain was
Abu Ayyub al-Ansari's house so Muhammad stayed at his house and the masjid built on the plain. The muhammad lived there.

 After the muslims increased another door was added for women.

Milan Cathedral

Milan Cathedral The cathedral where locate in Milan was built according to Italian style. Its construction was started in 1386 and was complated in 1965. The construction took 579 years. Capacity of the cathedral is 60000 people. It is one of the largest cathedral in the world and the largest in Italy. It is a catholic cathedral. There is a basilica around the cathedral. A fire broke out there. The Cathedral and the basilica damaged during the fire.

 Construction of the cathedral was began in 1386 by Archbishop Antonio. A that time Gian Galeazzo Visconti who cousin of the atchbishop became king. During the periods the cathedral's construction accelerated. As well as when Napoleon help the construction to became Italian King.

Myrtos Beach

Myrtos Beach
 Myrtos Beach where locate in Greece is near the lonian sea. The beach was used for films so it is very famous and it is one of the best beaches of Greece. It has a award because of its cleannes and beauty. Myrtos Beach is a good choice for holidays because Holidays in Greek are now cheap because of economic crisis.

 There are lush green areas around Myrtos Beach. It is a good places for photographer and good sea for diver and biker. Many people do these. Tourist can benefit from services that provided by hotels. There are buses to transport the tourist around the beach.

Sumela Monastery

MonasteryThe monastery where locate in Trabzon is an ancient Greek monastery. It was built between AD 365 - 395 by Alexios III of Trebizond. According to legend two priests built it.

 Sumela Monastery is a symbol of Trabzon's culture. There is Mary's (mother of Jesus) picture that drawn by saint Luke. The picure was fetched to monastery by priests who came to Trabzon. When Mehmet the Conqueror conquested Trabzon, he published an edict about the monastery. He said that the soldiers won't attack the monastery.

During the world war 1, Greek rebels used the monastery as headquarters but it lost its importance because the christians leave the area and it abanoned until Turkey government repaired. It was repaired. Tourists can come to Turkey to see the monastery. A ritual was held here in 2010.