Grand Bazaar

Grand Bazaar
There are 4000 shops in the bazaar and 25000 people work in the shops. Each year 91 million visitors visit the bazaar. Between 250.000 and 600.000 visitors visit the bazaar each day. Grand Bazaar is the most visited place and is the biggest bazaar in the world.

The bazaar was built in Ottoman time by Mehmet the Conquerer and was grown by Suleiman the Magnificent. Grand bazaar occupies 30 km square.

The shops sell golds, carpets, spices, souvenirs and a lot of products. The tourists come to the Grand Bazaar to buy gold because the golds that sell in bazaar are very famous.

There were lodges of each job in bazaar. The lodges supervise the prices of productions. They close the shops if prices very high.

There were hammams, inns, mosques and fountains in bazaar. Ottoman empire gave impotance to human so they built these. You can see ottoman art style on the buildings. The buildings was built in 15th century. They didn't destroy because they are very robust.

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