Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sophia
 Actually the museum was a church. It was converted a catholic church when Catholics occupied Istanbul but the church was convered a mosque when Mehmet the Conquer conquered the Istanbul but the mosque has been a museum since 1935. The turks want to convert museum to a mosque. Somepeople make campaign for this idea.

 Hagia Sophia is as famous as Sultan Ahmet even more known because 3 million tourists came to Istanbul to see Hagia Sophia in 2013. Its name is Ayasofya in Turkish.

 Its construction was begun by Constantine the Great and was completed by Constantius II. 10000 workers worked at Hagia Sophia's construction.
Socrates claim what Hagia Sophia was built on The Temple of Artemis. It was the largest cathedral for thousand years and is the oldest cathedral in the world. It was place of workship for 1500 years and one of the oldest worship places.

Hogia Sophia was destroyed and burned but was reconstructed. Famous architect Mimar Sinan made mosque more resistant when Istanbul was conquested.

Tons of golds was used at construction of Hogia Sophia's mosaics. The mosaics were removed with Leo III's order in 726. Most of remaining mosaics have survived and were opened to visitors recently.

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