Topkapi Palace

Topkapi Palace
Topkapi that is management center was house of sultans for 300 years in ottoman. Once upon a time 4000 people lived in there. They were ottoman dynasty.

 It was built by Mehmet the Conquerer and was management center until dolmabahçe built. It is now a museum in Istanbul.

There is Sacred Relics Room in Topkapi. Muhammed's who prophet of Islam items, footprint swords, sandals and beard are on display in there. Also his friends' items and Davud's who founder of Jerusalem sword are on display. The tourists can see them but admission fee of the palace is $12.

 There is a door in topkapi palace. Its name is Bab-i Humayun. The door is biggest door of topkapi palace's 8 doors. Other doors was destroyed but this door was repaired and saved. There are a signature of Mehmet the Conquerer and story of construction of the palace on the door.

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