Basilica Cistern

Basilica Cistern
Basilica Cistern was built in 6.century in Byzantine time and is the largest closed cistern in Istanbul. It located 150 m and is in north of Hagia Sophia. 7000 slaves worked to build it. It is now museum.

The Cistern was used for a James Bond film. The films name is From Russia with Love. You can explore the Cistern in Assassin Creed: Revolution. There is a mission about that in the game. A lot of movies were shot in the Cistern.

The capacity of the Cistern is 100.000 tons of water. There is a Medusa Statue in the cistern and the statue is very old. The cistern was restored 1500 years ago. Statesmen visit the cistern because the cistern is very famous.

Admission fee of the Cistern is 4 dollars. 2 million tourist visited the Cistern in 2013. This number increases every year.

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