House of God
Kaaba where is in Mecca is sacred site of Islam. The Muslims go there to pilgrimage every year. Every Muslim has to go there once in their lifetime. Pilgrimage is one of five pillars of Islam. Kaaba known as House of Allah or House of God. There is number limit to go there. Only 2.7 million people can go there for a year. The muslims in the world have to turn Kaaba if they want to pray. The world's golden ratio shows Kaaba. Muslims claim that the God wrote the golden ratio in Quran.

 Kaaba's shape is square. Muslims believe that Kaaba where is holy site of Islam was built by Abraham who is a prophet and Ishmael who is a prophet and is Abraham's son. Muslims believe that there are green stones under of Kaabe and the angles placed them And there is a stone on Kaaba. Muslims belived that the stone comes from heaven and the stone was white but it became black because of people's sins.

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