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Sultan Ahmed Mosque

Sultan Ahmed Mosque
 I am writing about a mosque in Turkey. The muslims pray there. Its name is Sultan Ahmed Mosque. It was built in 17.century and was decorated with 20000 ceramic qlaze. It is protected by Unesco. Mosque's other name is blue mosque. The mosque took its name from Sultan I. Ahmed because it was built by I. Ahmed.

The mosque has 6 minarets and was designed by famous architect Sedefkar Mehmet Aga. Turists come to Istanbul to see Sultan Ahmed.

 If you want to learn the mosque's history, Turkish people tell you and you will be amazed because you will learn mosque's story.

 "One day Sultan I. Ahmed wanted to build a mosque and wants gold minarets but this was too expensive. The gold's mean is "altın" in Turkish but architect misunderstood. He understood "altı'" and this mean is six. So the mosque has six minarets."

  The mosque has 260 windows. Sunlights enter into the mosque from there. Windowpanes are gift from venedik. But now they was changed with new windowpanes. They aren't old. 86000 people can pray there at the same time. 86000 rosaries were distributed every fridays in ottoman time. It was very important for ottomans.

 The mosque was restored recently. It became better. Some people in mosque didn't use to hear sound of imam but now all people in mosque can hear sound of imam.  Tourists and turks listen athan on the evenings. This makes happy them because sound of imam is so beautiful.

 There's a line in the middle of the mosque. Non-Muslims can't pass the line because only Muslims can pass the line to pray. Tourists can take photograph and watch muslims. Altar of the mosque made from marble. The altar decorated with faiences.

 The faiences are very firm. They didn't still broken because the ottoman architects were very talented. Technology was at the forward. We know that the mosque was built with this technology. I. Sultan Ahmed selected true architect to make mosque. The mosque is one of the best architectural products of ottoman.

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  1. It is interesting. I will go there to see sultan ahmet thanks :)